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Apply for the programme by completing the form below. Applicants will be contacted within a week after application and will be assessed against eligibility criteria.

Mentoring is carried out on a rolling basis.

Assessment of Applications. It is important that you complete the application comprehensively – your answers are used when assessment is being completed. Your answers will be assessed against digital support, job creation and commitment to programme. 

You must highlight in your application what digital support your business could benefit from.  

E.g. detail out what you feel you need help with: 

  •  Integration to back office systems; Online Accounting/Stock Management for Small Business, PAYE and payment returns,
  • Beginner and Advanced Social Media,
  • Social Media analytics,
  • Video Marketing using video to showcase your products and services,
  • Email for Small Business, Content Creation and Copywriting,
  • Developing an E-Commerce Strategy,
  •  Selling Online through third party platforms: Selling through established platforms e.g. eBay, Amazon Marketplace. Selling through third party sites,
  • Digital Strategy: selling through your website, online advertising, using analytics to drive sales,
  • Website Optimisation,
  • Cyber Security,
  • Immersive Technology, using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in your business,
  • Identifying & adopting mobile apps that will enhance customer engagement,
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Identifying the right CRM for your business, developing a basic CRM, getting the most out of your CRM, using CRM to drive sales.

Without this information included in your application you will be scored down which will likely result in you not getting through to the programme. 

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